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MYCA School Program

School is a Center of Learning, so when it comes to educating American kids about the sport of Cricket, the role of School is going to be Instrumental.

At School, the child learns about the world, its cultures and values of connection and partnership with the rest of the world.

In today's age, SPORTS is the easiest way of uniting and connecting people across the globe. CRICKET which is the 2nd most popular sport in the world, played in more than 120 countries, has already proven itself to be an instrument of peace and friendship across the globe.

Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) is a registered non profit organization based in St. Charles, MO. Its completely volunteer driven organization and has partnered with USYCA (United States of America Youth Cricket Association) to bring cricket to Schools and Community Groups.

As a part of demo, we also provide a free cricket set to the Schools. MYCA will also provide training resources and coaching to enable the PE Teachers to learn the sport quickly and pass it to their students effectively.

PE and Social Studies Teacher are the primary leaders in taking this knowledge and sharing with their students and MYCA is committed to make this experience as fun and positive as possible, for both the Teachers and the Students.

If you would like to set up a free cricket demonstration in your school, please email



Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cricket?

Cricket is 2nd most popular sport in the world and also the fastest growing sport in America. It is a bat and ball sport like baseball and is played internationally in more than 110 Countries. The international competition is managed by ICC (International Cricket Council).

Does anyone in USA formally Plays Cricket?

USA is member of ICC since 1965 and USA has both men's and women's cricket team that competes internationally. Please visit USACA, ACF, USYCA to know more about what is happening in USA Cricket.

Is USA No.1 or one of the top ranked cricket teams in World just like other sports?

Unfortunately NO. As of August 2013, USA Ranked 23rd, Canada 18th, England 3rd, Australia 2nd and India 1st.

Why is USA Ranked so low?

There are different reasons. One of the primary reason is the sport being introduced to the players at a very late age. There is not much cricket at grass root level here. While in the leading Cricket Countries, Cricket is introduced at a very early age and kids have opportunity to master the skills, so when they are teens they are already playing competitive cricket. In US Cricket is primarily focused towards adults and the National Cricket Team is mainly comprised of immigrants who learnt cricket from other countries. We are trying to help develop an American Team with American Born Cricket players.

Our kids already have option of so many sports, so should they get involved with one more sport?

Few Reasons :
a.       In today's world, more than wars, the supremacy of a nation is demonstrated by its performance in a sport. When a team wins, every citizen of the country watching the game feels like a winner. For example, a team that wins the most Olympic gold, or soccer world cup, and any prestigious sport event, is respected and adored all across the world. So in this sport, which is so popular across the world, why is America so under rated. When American born kids start playing cricket, in few years some of these kids as they grow up would directly knock the doors of national team, some of these kids might make it to the national team and also win the games for the team and get USA's name among top ranked cricket nations, thereby directly earning respect and pride for America all across the world.

b.       Cricket as a sport appeals to a larger audience than any other sport. You do not have to be tall, strong, fast or physically exceptional to excel at this sport. Though these qualities could be a bonus, you could just be you and still be the best. This sport requires patience, technique and concentration and it's a team sport that promotes friendship and respect among players. It is known as gentleman's sport all across the world.

c.       Sport is something that can bring a person a lifetime of happiness. It can keep him away from so many unwanted things including loneliness, depression and bad association. What we are trying to do is, given the opportunity to the kid to know this sport, play it, enjoy it and decide for himself if this is something he enjoys doing. A kid will enjoy a sport if he thinks he has a chance to excel in it, and you never know a kid who does not like any other sport might just start liking cricket. All we are asking Schools, Parents and Teachers is to give us an opportunity to introduce this game to the kid. Let him accept or reject it.

Our School does not have funding to spend on cricket equipment's?

USYCA is helping with free starter Cricket Sets to the School to introduce this sport to their students. MYCA ( will come to your School, give a demo/presentation, provide you the cricket set and also give any future training/support needed to keep the cricket going. You can do it in the Gym and customize the program based on number of kids and time availability.

What if the kids have learnt basics in school and he wants to further master the skills?

The player can join the MYCA Cricket Academy. MYCA has a training Academy and also conducts tournaments so players can measure/test their skills. MYCA also has a competitive team programs that provides opportunity for youth to compete at regional and national level tournaments like AAU Junior Olympics, etc. If the kid has the potential, we want to help that potential nurture and grow. Please contact for more details.

Is MYCA an Official Organization? Who are its affiliates/partners?

MYCA is Nationally Affiliated with USACA, ACF and USYCA. Locally MYCA has partnered with St. Louis Parks and Recreation, St. Charles Parks and Recreation, St. Louis Cricket League, Maryland Heights Cricket League and working on partnering with more Schools and Community group.

Is Cricket primarily a mens sport only, or the women's also play cricket?

Cricket is as much popular among women as it is mens. MYCA Youth program is currently Co-ed but with increased participation and support from Schools we hope to have a seperate program for Girls in near future. USA Women's National Team competes internationally and will benefit with female American kids taking up this game at early age.

I like what you guys are doing. How can Help?

MYCA is volunteer based non-profit 501(C)(3) organization. We welcome all individuals who want to help MYCA in promoting the sport in the region. Please email MYCA if interested and we can discuss about the areas you can help based on your skills, time and availability.

What are MYCA's top priorities in regard to youth Cricket development?

* Get players ready for competitive cricket via focused training at Academy

* Introduce cricket in School and Community

* Connect with other youth cricket groups in America

* Conduct/participate tournaments locally and regionally

* Help make Cricket a sport for All Americans

  Cricket in your School

  Introduced Cricket in   Schools

  • SSD Ackerman School

  • Highland High School, IL

  • St. Charles West Schools
    → Harris Elementary
    → Monroe Elementary
    → Null Elementary
    → Lincoln Elementary
    → Coverdell Elementary
    → Blackhurst Elementary

  • Riverview Gardens Schools
    → Moline Elementary
    → Meadows Elementary
    → Gibson Elementary
    → Koch Elementary
    → Lemasters Elementary
    → Lewis & Clark Elementary
    → Glasgow Elementary
    → Danforth Elementary
    → Highland Elementary

  • PheasantPoint Elementary

  • STL Language Immersion
    → The French School
    → The Spanish School
    → The Chinese School